I am so excited to see each and every one of you again for dance pics this coming April. It is almost time for your annual pictures! Below are the packages that I am offering. If you purchased images last year, they will go in the same gallery link. I will just move this years gallery link to the top. No images will be deleted as long as I have the available space.

For the last couple of years we haven't done individual images. That changes up this year. For the little ones, we can help with individual posing, older dancers come prepared with a few poses. I will have some as well for those that need a little extra inspiration. Each Individual image done will come with at least 2 posing options.

Also, we are bringing back a non-costume option for pictures as well as headshots. And any friend/groups/big sis-little sis you want to have images of. Just think of the first year I was at the studio and the different styles we were able to shoot.

PACKAGE A- $20 OR $25

Group Image- your choice on format

(1)   4x6 Team Image ($20)


(1) Digital Team Image  ($25)

PACKAGE b- $30

(1) Digital Individual Image in the group costume

(1) Digital Team Image

PACKAGE c- $35

(1) Digital Individual Image in the group costume

(1) Digital Team Image

(1) 4x6 Individual Print in the group Costume

(1) 4x6 Team Image Print

PACKAGE d- $30


(2-3) Digital Individual Images

Duet/Trio Group Digital Image

Plus a 4x6 of each Digital Image

PACKAGE e- $20

Digital Images:

Non-Costume Individual (2-3 full size shots and 2 headshots)


Friend groups (must be the same group, if you do multiple friend groups it’s $20 per group)


Big Sis/Little Sis picture

PACKAGE f- $200

All Digital Images that you take

Plus a 4x6 of every print